The cornstarch doggy-do is a handy companion when on the travel.
Bag is biodegradable and compostable. Printing with vegetable based

Flat bag:
dimension 245mm x 245 mm. Packed in lots of 50 bags per bundle or
4000 bags per carton. Ordering any quantity is fine.
Order code SGD, price $6.10 per 100 (= $0.061 each bag). Note: actual
figure on the flat bag is the same as on the rolls.

Also in stock 200 or 500 doggy waste bags on a roll. Dimension bag on
either roll Length 260mm x Width 150+70mm gusset. Width any roll
150mm. Both rolls have a carton core  of 30mm for using on a
dispenser if required. Order codes SD200 and SD500, price
respectively $12.20 and $30.50 per roll.
Outside diameter full roll 85 and 125mm.

For handling and disposing the bag with contents, please contact your
local Department of Conservation or find some information at Google.